Saturday, December 19, 2009


One Puppy Tooth Remains

During Holly’s teething and mouthing period, her adult teeth grew in and the puppy teeth fell out. A few puppy raisers have been able to save all their dog’s puppy teeth. During a playing session today, one tooth came out and we able to retain it, some of you may have grimaced. The removal of the tooth took place when Holly went after one of her play toys. When the chewing dislodged the tooth, she left the toy and came to me. I went to rub her jowls, as I usually do when she comes to me on her own, and found a trace of blood. “Oh Holly what happened!” After examining her, I saw that she had dislodged a puppy tooth. Bleeding had stopped and she was back to being herself in a few minutes – well after the photo opportunity for the blog page. The last picture of the set shows the one puppy tooth remaining.


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